Works at Method.

It brightens my day when I discover a new tech startup creating a small, simple solution that enables people to live an easier life.

Work should be not limited to the job title but should be diverse and unexpected; requiring all the skills I have plus new learnings everyday.

I am passionate about what I do and I love to be hands on, collaborative and surrounded by open-minded people. Work should be a challenge and I thrive on deadlines.

I’m a proud and reliable Dutchman. That means laid back but forward thinking. With orange trousers.


Works at Adaptive Lab.

There are things out there that really suck; systems and experiences that affect people's lives. I'm interested in making these better.

I'm always looking for challenges that allow me to learn the most while still producing fantastic work. Ideally this would be spending my time 69.2% thinking, and 30.8% pushing pixels. Approximately.

I'm happiest when I'm learning and most hardworking when I’m around like-minded and passionate people.

Just a small Scottish girl in London.

Warning! We are not a creative Team!