How long it took
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Game On! Launching our little projects.

The thought:

What if we can turn our real-world environment into our display.





How long it took

1 week

Our little projects will be a series of small projects that come from the thoughts we have outside our other work. They are about building, learning, failing and creating cool stuff.

It started with the small matter of a strategy to get a new job for both of us we found it difficult to explain the kinds of projects that we wanted to work on and the kind of company we would like to work for, so we decided to just show it instead, covering the What, the How and the Why of every project.

So here we showcase what we can both do, covering different things in every project. It was important to us that these were new and ongoing projects instead of an old portfolio.

To launch our little projects we wanted to start with a project that was shareable and fun. With no screens bigger than our macbooks and a great view of London we thought, "what if we can turn our real-world environment into our display?" So we did.

Step 1. Decide what to do with our new cinema display, play a game of course!

We wanted our display to be as close to something you could potentially create, with the aid of some money and some developers (and the permission of 120 residents of Charles Dickens House).

Step 2. Write a script for our video, film our view and animate the windows, Jesper spend a good few nights moving keyframes around while we changed our mind about how it should look.

our little projects

Step 3. We created some iphone mockup screens for the controls of the game and animated the loading screens.

Step 4. We filmed everything we needed to created a convincing 6 seconds.

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