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Better online banking for Santander customers.

The thought:

How can we improve Santander’s online experience?


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How long it took

7 Days

Our 3rd project is redesigning the experience of existing Online Banking. Our personal frustration is Santander as we both use their business and personal online services.

We realised that banks don’t spend enough time or money caring for their current customers in respect of their experience. We know that banks can easily improve by just spending some time on their customers online banking experience. We wanted to show what can be done in 5 days.

Banking in the UK leaves much to be desired, and when the first entrepreneur sees his opportunity the big banks will have a hard time keeping up with the start up mentality. We are not looking here at the flaws in the banking system (for that we would need at least a month!) we are showing how just making small changes to the current experience can effect a bank's business and create a bigger force in a competitive market.

Underestimating slightly, our perfectionism meant that over a period of 3 weeks we spent a total of 7 days getting this project online. The results are below...

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Banking has to be done.
We think it can be done better.

With the redesigned Santander homepage, current customers have their own space at the lefthand side and the righthand side gives opportunities for advertising and new customers.

Mobile banking is just online banking.

That's why both should be integrated and talk to each other. With access to the internet being made more and more from smartphones over Desktops, customers shouldn't have to deal with limited functions.

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After authenticating with your account you can use your registration number in the future. A simplified way to log in on mobile.

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Quick overview
Fast banking with a quick overview of all your accounts. View transaction details, add and edit contacts in your address book.

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Branch Finder
Need to pop in the bank? Find and share branch details with the Branch Finder.

All the banks offer the same interest,
they don't have to offer the same experience.

Currently as consumers there is very little difference between large banks. A bank that chooses to invest in the experience of their customers could change the marketplace.

our little projects

our little projects

our little projects
The Account Center deals with the customer’s options and Notifications for thier accounts accross all platforms.

Customising alerts for your account means keeping on top of what you spend.
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The smallest additions could do
wonders for your budgeting.

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Future Transactions
Seeing upcoming Direct Debits allows you to stay ahead of your balance.

Make your banking more understandable with a simple tagging system that allows a better overview at a glance, easy searching, easy expences and future data on spending habbits.

Banks use very little of the data they collect for the customers benfit.

We’ve added a few more data points to transactions but also envision more access to your data month on month.

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5 forms into 1 Smart form

We want to send money, it’s simple. There are currently 5 forms on the Santander website for this one function. We’ve designed a Smart form that takes the place of all previous forms.

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Less banking more business,
introducing the ‘Queue’.

Like a shopping cart for your transactions. Make multiple transactions and save queues to use again next month. You can view and complete current queues from anywhere when you are logged in to your account center.

our little projectsour little projects

A little more...

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Filter search
Find transactions easily with multiple search filters. Filter by tag, contact, transaction type and money IN or OUT.

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Send to contact
Send money to a person instead of a string of numbers. Easy with the address book and smart form.

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Help & Support
Help is always at hand. Anywhere on the site we've made sure, help is accessible and relevant.

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Card overview
Visually understand your credit card balance and limits.

our little projects

our little projects
Share account details
If your lucky enough to have someone send you some money they'll need your account details. Email them or simply show them from the app.

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Location data from a card transaction is a data point we think could make a big difference towards helping you understand a transaction.

Add to Address book
Add an account to your address book, for future use and to name items in your own way.

Flag a suspicious transaction from your account page. This can be followed up with a phone call from Santander. (Skip the waiting on hold)

You can download all of our
designs in Vector/PDF*

*Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license applies.
**Except the Santander Logo.

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